Company Krok has been integrating digital solutions for businesses since 2009.

About us

We design and deploy Unified Communications, command centers, system and application software, as well as computing, data storage, automation, and multimedia systems.
We collaborate with leading software vendors and conduct regular employee training to provide high-quality IT services for business support and development. Our specialists scrutinize all available information to create the best proposal and solution, meet actual business needs, and even exceed customer expectations.

Message from the General Director

Dear Colleagues!
The development of our company largely depends on the attitude towards us from our customers, vendors, partners, competitors. A good and respectful attitude towards us in the market can develop only if we conduct business ethically, in accordance with the best international business practices.
The code of business conduct and ethics enshrines the basic principles of honest and ethical work. This is the minimum number of rules that each of us must follow.
I pledge myself and ask all of you to comply strictly with the requirements of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, since this is very important for the prosperity of our company and the improvement of our society as a whole.

General Director
KROK Company
Irina Patokina